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Why Us?

Breeding is in our blood, beginning with pioneer breeder RE Jefferson, with horned Herefords and Angus cattle, followed by Walter, Rick and Andrew Powdrell with Turiroa Angus. In 2019 Turiroa will celebrate 75 years of breeding pedigree Angus cattle.

Passionate about Angus cattle and the beef industry, we are continually striving to breed high-class stud and commercial Angus cattle that will ultimately increase our clients’ bottom lines.

Predictable, proven cow herd continually monitored and refined through rigorous selection and culling, incorporating modern day technologies, high stocking rates and stockmanship.

Continually selecting our top females and using them in an ET program to maximize superior genetics for over 10 years.

Strong emphasis on retaining a breed type that thrive on hill country, are structurally sound and have a good temperament.

Excellent guarantee and back up service to help protect your investment.

All retained females and sires are now DNA tested for sire verification to ensure pedigree accuracy.

Turiroa Farm and Stud is now operated by myself and Tracey making it the third generation of Powdrell’s to run the stud and fifth generation to farm at Turiroa.
Rick and Olivia are both still involved in the stud’s operation. 

You are welcome to contact us for further information regarding Turiroa Stud’s bull sales and breeding programme.  

Andrew Powdrell

Turiroa   |   539 State Highway 2  |   Wairoa   |   Hawke's Bay  |  4193

or click here to email Andrew.