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Our Beltex X Suffolk Ram Hogget out with the Suftex 2th Ewes. 
Photo taken April, 2018.

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In December 2018 we held our first on-farm Ram Sale. We made the change from selling privately for a few reasons. Firstly it meant less time in and out of the yards for the Rams and also us.


Secondly our Ram sales have been steadily growing since 2000 so an auction meant that everyone was able to get a crack at the top sheep if they wished and also get the opportunity to view all the Rams at once rather than just a bracket of them.


We have invested heavily in genetics and will continue to do so, paying $6500 for a ½ share in one of our Texel Rams and have paid up to $8000 for Southdown Rams. In partnership with another stud we paid a world record price of $4200 for a Southdown 2th Ewe and are currently using a son of hers in the stud.


In 2017 we attended the first Beltex Ram Sale in New Zealand at Mt Somers in the South Island. Prices were extremely strong with a top price of $15,000 for a Beltex X Suffolk Ram Hogget. We purchased our Beltex X Suffolk Ram Hogget for $7200,  a twin and mated him to 70 ewes in 2018.


Beltex are not big sheep but are extremely high yielding and have a very high meat to bone ratio. The Belsuflex progeny will be up for auction at this years sale as 2ths. We are the only ones in the Hawkes Bay/Wairoa/Gisborne region that we know of with these genetics to sell in 2019 so watch this space !!

Ram Hoggets ready to go out with the ewes. Photo taken April, 2018.

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