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The Turiroa cow herd has been refined over generations through rigorous selection, grazing pressure and good old-fashioned stockmanship. These versatile, easy care dams requiring low input are a necessity on our steep hill country. Along with this toughness, the dams must have excellent mothering and milking ability with a natural feminine style which we believe is essential in breeding top class off spring. They must be highly fertile and we like to see them wean half their body weight.

These matrons are the cornerstones of our business and the bulls they produce are a by-product of the maternal strength and strong breed type we strive to produce, whilst maintaining the structure, soundness, constitution, fertility and integrity of the Angus breed.

We use our females as a measuring parameter. They measure do-ability, survivability, and longevity. They measure temperament, fertility, and calving ease. They measure structure soundness, udder quality and feed efficiency.

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