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Sale Bulls are presented in forward store condition. We believe this is a crucial ingredient to minimize breakdowns in our cattle. They are born and reared on the hills, so steep terrain is nothing new to them. 

Care of your new Bull 
•  The majority of Turiroa bulls are run in a mob situation and to help them settle away from this security they will require a mate – a steer or cow as a companion. Please avoid putting him into a mob of older bulls – these bulls will dominate mating and fighting will occur.

•  Handle them quietly – Turiroa bulls are accustomed to being handled by Stockmen on horses or motorbikes and with dogs, at a calm and steady pace. 

•  Young bulls are still growing so ensure their paddock is large enough to have adequate feed with a little hay to maintain their growth pattern and help them to settle.

•  Regularly check your bull when he is out with the cows and if you have any concerns about the bull’s fertility, please contact us. We will recommend a vet check, and if the vet suspects a fertility problem, we will endeavor to lend you a bull to get through the season. 

•  When the season is finished, the bull should be drenched and put away on good feed. Adequate feed will help stop fighting and also assists bulls to settle into their groups.

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