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Turiroa Breaker 663

Turiroa Ace 00989.jpg

Ace of Turiroa

Turiroa Ragner

There have been many highs during the past 78 years of breeding Angus Cattle.  Earlier success included exporting cattle to Scotland, China and Australia. In 1972 Karl of Turiroa was the first Angus bull in New Zealand sold at auction to be exported to Scotland.

More recent highlights include setting what was believed to be an Australasian record for the highest on farm sale average of $9388 in 2002 when Ace of Turiroa was sold for $60,000 to a syndicate made up of Te Mania, Te Whanga, Inveray and Australasian rights to the Basin Angus in Camdenview, with several other stud bulls being sold that day.

A highlight in 2008 was a son of Turiroa Burke 22 selling for one of the top prices at Australian sales.

In 2012 the stud had another memorable sale with Turiroa Breaker selling for $72,000 to Oregon Angus in the Wairarapa. Although the stud averaged a whopping $10,927 at the 2012 auction a pleasing aspect was there were still plenty of bulls in the very affordable $5000 - $8000 price range.  

Our 2020 Sale broke all records here at Turiroa.
Lot 1 Turiroa Complete 18P250, a lovely Turiroa Complete 16M013 son sold for $86,000 to Oregon Angus.
We retained 100 straws of 18P250 for in-herd use only.
Lot 8 –Turiroa Ragnar 18P224, another very meaty Turiroa Complete 16M013 son sold to Kaharau and Orere for $104,000 setting a New Zealand Record  for the highest priced bull of any breed sold at a On-Farm Sale .
The Turiroa Complete 16M013 sons were standouts with another going to Delmont and Waimara Studs. Seven “Complete “ sons sold for a $33,000 average.
2020 sale also saw our best ever average of $12,560.

The 2021 Sale then went on to break the 2020 year  sale average with  our highest ever average to date  of $13,860 with seven bulls going to other studs. Top price was a lovely Turiroa Tyrant son Turiroa 19Q412 selling to Merchiston and Atahua Angus Studs for $60,000.

Turiroa Complete 18P250

Turiroa 19Q412

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