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2019 Overview


2019 saw Turiroa celebrating  75 years of breeding pedigree Angus cattle. In today’s ever changing world our core values remain the same, structural soundness, constitution, temperament and a strong breed type . However with today’s technologies we now incorporate a multitude of EBV’s, DNA testing etc to assist with our breeding objectives. We believe in a balanced approach to EBV’s rather than single trait selection.


We were really pleased with the line up of 50 Bulls catalogued for our 2019 Sale. The evenness of breed type from lot 1 to 50 was really pleasing. A great crowd turned up to help us celebrate the 75 year milestone and the bulls sold freely with three going to stud. Lot 1 sold to Merchistson Angus for $15,000; Lot 5 to Okaka Angus for $16,000 and Lot 35 who was moved up in the order and auctioned first sold to Kay Jay Angus for $40,000. 


There was also plenty of Bulls sold in the more affordable price range of $5,500 to $10,000. We were really pleased to have a total clearance of  50 Bulls for an average of $10,490. The 75th celebrations went long into the night and once again we would like to thank all purchasers, under bidders, agents and helpers who made the sale a success.


2019 Sale Bulls prior to Sale

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