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2023 Sale bull videos
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2023 Sale Catelogue
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2023 Sale Bulls

We have some exciting new sires represented in the 2023 draft. The first sons of Turiroa Complete 18P250 who was sold for $86,000 to Oregon Angus at our record breaking 2020 Sale will be on offer.


They are moderately framed and full of meat and we think they will be well received. Shian Ranger 507 has a very strong line-up of powerful, deep bodied sons with around 12  catalogued. Atahua 378 has 5 sons with 605 being a standout.


The $68,000 Brookwood P26 has some exciting sons on offer while the trusted and proven Turiroa Nitro 17N122, Turiroa Prince 18P240 and Taimate Latitude have a scattering of sons throughout the catalogue. 

Turiroa Complete 18P250 .jpg

Sire Turiroa Complete 18P250 

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