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Turiroa bulls are pasture reared, with accurate identification and recording, using D.N.A tested sires.

They are performance recorded and carcass scanned and are inspected for sale by Angus Society Inspectors with the Angus Approved cattle logo appearing by those bulls reaching the stringent quality controls set out by the New Zealand Angus Association.

During 2002 the New Zealand Angus Association changed its inspection system to reflect an increasing demand for a quality control system that could be promoted throughout the Angus Industry.  

Now animals of a minimum age (18 months) which pass inspection by qualified Association Inspectors may assume an 
Approved Status and may be promoted in public sale forums under the associated New Zealand Angus Association Approved Status logo as shown here. 

This means that the animal has passed a minimum standard with relation to: 
• Structural Soundness • Capacity • Feet • Reproductive Traits 
• Jaw • Sheath • Angus Breed Type • Testicles • Frame Size • Temperament

The stud buyer can then buy with confidence knowing that all the above points have been considered. 
Look out for the Approved Status logo in breeders' catalogues this year: your guarantee of quality. 

  • Accredited brucellosis and tuberculosis (c10) free herd. 

  • BVD and 7in1 vaccinated.

  • All sale bulls have been penile and semen tested and show no less than 75% normal morphology by Wairoa Farm Vets.


If at any time, a purchaser has doubts about a bulls fertility or serving capacity, our bulls are fully guaranteed and we will assist you to protect your investment.  

Conditions of Guarantee 
All lots contained within this catalogue are covered by our 3 season warranty with regard to soundness and fertility. In the unlikely event that a bull should develop a fault that affects his ability to breed that is not covered by normal insurance we will refund to the purchaser a proportion of the purchase price depending on the length of service the bull has given. Namely two thirds of the purchase price after one year of service and one third after two years to be used as a credit on a replacement  bull or a  suitable replacement offered if available minus the salvage costs and any semen sales from the bull. We may require a vet certificate.   

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