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Three generations from left: Rick, Walter and Andrew.

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Turiroa Angus was founded in 1944 by Walter Powdrell. His father in-law
RE Jefferson gave Walter and his bride Ruth 5 Angus heifers as a wedding present. Walter added quality females and developed the stud from there. The stud was then taken over by two of Walters’s sons, Rick and Rowley, who ran the stud in partnership till 2000. Rick and his wife Olivia then took over the sole ownership of Turiroa Angus and were joined by son Andrew. Andrew and his wife Tracey took over operation and ownership in August 2017.

With over 75 years of experience Turiroa puts great emphasis on a strong female base, which comprises of 260 cows to the bull. This maternal strength, as the backbone of the breeding program enables Turiroa to produce a balanced genetic package, retaining the constitution & structural soundness of the Angus breed.

Turiroa has a good balance of flat and medium-steep hill country. The family also run a Terminal Sheep Stud with over 500 breeding ewes, as well as Romney ewes which all go to a Terminal ram. Most young stock are fattened on the property.

Success of the Studs breeding program is measured by the return of  clients, both with the dollar return and also the conception rates, calving percentage and bull longevity.

Turiroa Stud utilizes AI and ET in the breeding programme. Cattle are run in a strictly commercial environment and are worked with dogs. The cattle are all grass fed with sale bulls getting some meadow hay from May onwards. NO crops, NO hard feed.

Three generations of Powdrells
From left: Andrew and Tracey with their children, Toby, George and Ella; Olivia and Rick with grandchildren; Walter and Ruth who founded the stud in 1944.

Tracey & Andrew Powdrell
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