2019 Ram Sale - Southdown Rams

2019 Ram Sale - Belsuftex Ram

2019 Ram Sale

Our second On Farm Ram Sale on December 12th2019 was again held in the rain, but this didn’t deter buyers from turning up in force.  A $9 lamb schedule and a good season at that stage lead to a great turn out and a spirited start to the bidding on the Southdown’s. Prices ranged from $850 to $1850, with 4 Southdown Rams making the top price of $1850.


Next up were the Belsuftex (¼ Beltex, ¾ Suftex). This was our first line up of Belsuftex progeny up for auction and we look forward to seeing how these new genetics perform on farm. These meat machines ranged between $750 and $1300.

The Turiroa Tigers ( Southdown x Sth Suffolk) were next in line and sold freely with a top of $1600 x 4, with prices ranging from $650 to $1600. 

Last up were the Suftex ranging in price from $900 to $1600. 


It was very pleasing to see such confidence shown in our breeding programme with all 104 Rams on offer sold with an overall sale average of $1168. We have since sold another 47 2th Rams privately after the sale. We also have a selection of Hogget Rams suitable for Hogget mating from April onwards.


Thanks again to all the purchases, under bidders, agents and helpers who made the day a success.


We are planning on having more Rams in our 2020 Sale to match demand but won’t be sacrificing quality to do this. Stay safe and we hope to see you all at our 2020 Sale in December.


2018 Ram Sale

We were really pleased with how our first on farm Ram Sale went in December 2018. The rain cleared and a good crowd turned up. Bidding was keenly contested on the Southdowns with a top price of $1700.00 sold to PGG Wrightons Wairoa, with prices ranging from $600 to $1700.


Tigers (Southdown X South Suffolk)  followed selling strongly with a top price of $1250. Three tigers were sold at this price with one going to Ross Dyer livestock and two to Williams Family Trust. Prices ranged from $600 to $1250 for the Tigers.

Last up for auction were the Suftex with a top price of $1100.00. Three Rams reached this price with two going to Kerley Agriculture and one to Waitangi Terraces. Prices ranged from $650 to $1100 for the Suftex.


105 from 110 Rams were sold with an average of $854 and it was pleasing to see that there was a Ram for every budget. A big thank-you to purchases, under bidders and agents for their support and to all those that helped out on the day. Hope to see you all at this year’s sale. 

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