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Sire Selection: By incorporating the age old skill of eye-appraisal and stockmanship with modern technology we believe gives us the right balance with Sire Selection.

The three key ingredients a bull must possess is the ability to eat, walk, and serve cows. To harvest grass he must have a good strong jaw and we prefer a masculine head and real sire presence. To walk properly his shoulders must be well set, not over course, his hocks must have a good turn in them and his feet short and pasterns well sprung. To serve cows he must be from a fertile dam line and we prefer large testicles. Most of our cattle read over 40cm at 20 months of age. He must possess all three of these key points to be considered. We also like to see a big spring of rib, well developed hindquarter with meat right down into the second thigh.He must be big in volume rather than height and have the ability to sire male progeny that mature early and reach target weights and markets sooner; And daughters that are functional, fertile and efficient. After considering these points only then will we incorporate EBV'S into the equation.

Angus Cattle are the best dual purpose breed in the world and we believe incorporating the right balance of selection traits is crucial. i.e. not extreme highs or lows in performance data and cattle that are of good type that can thrive in any environment and increase farmers bottom lines.

Recent Influential Sires Include:
Rangatira 911 
Kaharau 780 
Te Mania 291 
Te Mania 61/83 
Kaharau 641 
Dandaloo Benz 21 
Kaharau 438 
Turiroa Ace 989 
Turiroa Burke 22 
Turiroa 848 
Waimata J 791 
Turihaua D92
Merchiston Infinity 07774
Turihaua Crump E5 17691009E5

Turiroa Complete 16M013

Turiroa Tyrant 14843 

Turiroa Nitro 17N122


Whenuapapa Crumble 8-10

Cricklewood H60a.jpg

Cricklewood H60


Turiroa 14843

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